Disaster Recovery

Careful planning for the safety of your data is an important part of running your business. Fire, natural disaster, burglary or other events can disrupt your business, but knowing your data is safe and secure will give you peace of mind.

IT Pro Source will create a customized disaster recovery solution that will ensure your data recovery plan helps your business recover quickly and efficiently from any disruptions. We'll also help you with planning for emergency power solutions to minimize any interruptions to your customers.

We offer a fully managed data backup and restoration solution with centralized management and monitoring. While our team manages your data, you can keep your focus on your essential day-to-day business needs. Our state-of-the-art backup system ensures that incremental file changes are saved and ensures that your data backup is up to date at all times. Recovery of files is made simple, and older versions of files can be recovered as well. We provide you with quick access to file recovery and restoration, and you'll receive detailed monthly reports regarding the storage and safety of your data.
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